Spencer Hays Passed away a couple of years ago. Truly changed the lives of thousands of College Students selling Books Door to Door. My Dad died in a VA Hospital when I was 11 years old. I had no father to teach me “Guy Things”. At the end of my Junior year at Texas A&M I was recruited to sell Bible Reference books, and at sales school in 1966, I met my MENTOR, Spencer Hays. Spence saw potential in me and regularly said. “Carl, you can be a Great Salesman and a Great Leader”. I had never been around “Positive Thinking” before Spence, but I believed him and learned from him the next 8 years before beginning my Insurance Career and my MLM Experience. Below are a few pictures that share my 50 Year Journey.
I stopped by the Headquarters of Southwestern Publishing Company to say hello to Spencer Hays and was pleasantly surprised to see my picture on the “Wall of the Greats” for the all-time top recruiters.
Sold Bible Reference Book For Southwestern Publishing Company from 1966-1969 During the Summer months. Southwestern had several Divisions in the company. I was recruited in 1966 to sell these 3 books in a set called “The Layman’s Bible Library”. I was getting a degree at Texas A&M in 1 more year in mathematics, so selling anything was new to me, but I studied hard and sold in Ohio my first summer. I did very well my first Year and Spencer Hays convinced me to return the next summer and bring a team with me.
I returned to Nashville in 1967 with a Team of Texas Aggies that broke a record for this 100 Year old company set by Spencer Hays who had brought 25 to sales school several years earlier. I was on the front row in a large auditorium when Spencer Announced that his record had been broken by a Texas A&M Student who had 43 Aggies on the front 2 rows. I was asked to come on stage with Spencer and Earl Nightingale. I was shaking and sweating and Soooo Nervous. Spencer said you had to be a college student to sell, So to sell 2 more summers, I went back to TAMU and enrolled in a new program called an MBA degree. I graduated with straight A’s In 1969, and they allowed me to sell one more summer. This sales report showed it was a good decision. I ended up #2 in the company, but since I had graduated they called it an honorary award.😁
Texas had become such a large organization – 1969 Southwestern had a weekly sales report called the “Texas Giants” our Team dominated all summer. One young guy was showing real potential named RICK PERRY. He later became Governor of Texas.
BEGINNINGS 1969 – 1973 Tom James Custom Apparel Days Educated and Motivated
A GROWTH OPPORTUNITY 1969 – 1973 Tom James Custom Apparel Store Front
TEAM BUILDING 1969 – 1973 Tom James Custom Apparel My Team
MY FIRST MENTOR Spencer Hayes, (right) The Southwestern Company. He taught me “You don’t build companies — you build people — then these people will build your companies.”
Spencer Hays was like a Father to me As well as my MENTOR at the age of 22 even though he was on a few years older than me. He taught us to start each day with a Positive Attitude. Famous for starting the day with “I Feel HEALTHY, I feel HAPPY, I feel TERRIFIC”.
After graduation with an MBA in Business Management from Texas A&M University, Spencer Hays hired me to become store manager of a new Tom James Custom Apparel for men in Ft Worth, TX. After 2 years I was promoted to Vice President and worked closely with both Spencer Hays and President Jim McCeachern.
PROFESSIONAL PERKS Richard Dale, Founder & President of Western Fidelity Insurance flew us from Lafayette, LA to Commander’s Palace in New Orleans for dinner.
ZIG ZIGLAR — I’VE WORKED WITH THE BEST 1975 Annual Convention, Western Fidelity Insurance I was honored to be Zig Ziglar’s Co-Speaker
Zig Ziglar On stage with Zig Ziglar in 1980.
THE CAR 1986 Celebrating Success I purchased a Rolls Royce just for fun!
MY OFFICE 1985 – 1990 First Agency Established Lafayette, LA
TEAM BUILDING 1985 – 1990 My First Insurance Agency American Health Underwriters, Lafayette, LA
AWARDS & RECOGNITION 2003 Top Income Earner Healing America
A NEW HOME 2002 Pool, Lake, and The Good Life
TEAM BUILDING AT HOME 2002 Back Yard Barbecue
SHARING THE REWARDS 2002 Dot Stanitzky Cancun, Mexico
NETWORKING FRIENDSHIPS 2002 Long Time Friends Amanda & César Barrera
NERIUM TOP LEADERS 2012 First Annual Convention, San Diego, CA Darin Kidd, Danny Gasemy, Carl Stanitzky, Mark Smith
NERIUM SAN DIEGO TEAM 2012 First Annual Convention
NERIUM’S “LIVE BETTER BONUS” — $25,000 2012 The Rewards Keep Coming
NERIUM REWARDS = MORE VACATIONS 2012 Cancun, Mexico Carl & Dot Stanitzky, Jeff Olson, Amanda & César Barrera
JEFF OLSON, FOUNDER & CEO OF NERIUM (Left) 2013 NMD Leadership Training, Dallas, TX
JOHN & MONICA DAWSON Monica is a Nerium Top Leader She Reached National Marketing Director in 7 Months
NERIUM LONG BEACH TEAM 2013 Fall Bash, Long Beach, CA
NERIUM CORPORATE LEADERS TOP 100 Direct Sales Company Awards Annual DSA Banquet, Dallas, TX Nerium Founder & CEO, Jeff Olson, has been the Keynote Speaker for 15 consecutive years.
TOP EARNER $100,000 RECOGNITION 2013 “Get Real” Conference, Dallas, TX Jeff Olson, Carl Stanitzky, Amber Olson Rourke
TOP EARNER $200,000+ 2014: Annual Conference Carl & Dot Stanitzky

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