Carl Stanitzky

Certified Senior Advisor

Certified Long Term Care Insurance Expert

Master of Business Administration (Management)

Carl combined the skills he learned in college selling Door to Door with his experience building a large insurance agency to begin building Teams in the Network Marketing Industry.


Carl Stanitzky was born November 10, 1944 in a small Railroad Town in Central Texas — Hearne, population 5,000. His dad, Charles Anthony Stanitzky, was a WWI veteran who died when Carl was 10 yrs old. His mom, Mary Stanitzky, was well known at the Dixie Café and she worked there over 30 years.

Because Mary was a single mom, the owner of the Dixie Café helped her financially by letting Carl eat in the café for free…a generous gesture…but Carl developed horrible eating habits and was obese when he started first grade. By the 8th grade, he weighed 248 pounds. Due to his weight, he wasn’t a popular student during his 12 years at Hearne High School — however, Carl had straight A’s all 12 years.

Despite the loss of his dad and other challenges during his early years, Carl pushed forward. He attended Texas A&M University from 1963 -1969, receiving a BS degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics. He registered for a new program called an MBA and received his MBA in Business Management in 1969.

From 1966 -1969 Carl worked 3 months every summer with the Southwestern Publishing Company of Nashville, Tennessee selling Bible Reference Books “Door To Door.” He was a top salesperson and team builder every summer and broke numerous records so was dubbed by his mentor, Spencer Hays, as “The Recruiting Machine.” In 1969, his last summer check after expenses was over $24,000.

From 1969 -1973 Carl worked with a new clothing store called Tom James Custom Apparel for Men which was founded by his mentor, Spencer Hays. He began as the Store Manager in Fort Worth, Texas and again quickly climbed the management ranks, becoming Vice President of Tom James.

In 1973 Carl was approached by one of his clients to get into the insurance business. He left Tom James and began his insurance career. During the next 35 years, Carl had a successful career as an agent/owner of his own insurance agency while serving as Vice President of Western Fidelity Insurance company.

1985 Left: Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys;
Middle: Richard Dale, Founder/CEO, Western Fidelity
Right: Carl Stanitzky, VP Western Fidelity

Most of these years, he worked with his friend, Richard Dale, President and CEO of the company. It was in 1973 that he also entered the world of Relationship Marketing ( MLM). Carl was always impressed with the concept of Network Marketing — selling products or services by using them, liking them, sharing them with friends and family, then getting paid on those you recruit and even on those below you and their recruits. He combined the skills he learned in college selling Door to Door with his experience building a large insurance agency to begin building Teams in the Network Marketing Industry.

His first mentor taught him “You don’t build companies — you build people — then these people will build your companies.” He has always known the value of recognizing individual accomplishment, regardless of how small. Carl has developed the art of Telling Stories That Make People Laugh while teaching them principles that help them to develop their belief in themselves. Two popular stories he tells everywhere he speaks are “The Microwave Popcorn Story” and the “I Don’t Know Story.”

Carl has become a top income earner in the Relationship Marketing Industry, having earned several million dollars while doing what he loves — helping people live life with a positive mental attitude and belief in their ability to succeed. As Zig Ziglar said “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

He joined a new company called Nerium International in 2011. He reached the top of the Comp Plan in only 5 months — National Marketing Director. He was promoted to a 2 Star NMD and was among the Top 50 Income Earners in 2012.

Carl and Dot Stanitzky
Photo by Ron Pitre

Carl married his wife and Soul Mate, Dot, on Aug 13,1983. They had both been previously married. Carl has a son, Tony, from his first marriage. Tony has a Degree In Computer Science and teaches English while working in other countries such as China and Vietnam Nam.

Dot has 2 children. Her son, Greg Lee, is a successful farmer in Delhi, LA. Greg has 2 daughters, Meagan and Katie. Meagan, a graduate of Louisiana Tech (Formerly a Miss LA Tech) works at ULM as an Executive Director for Student Life. Katie recently graduated from Louisiana Tech and is currently pursuing a Nursing Career. Dot’s Daughter Tammie Lee has been a Registered Nurse for 25+ Years and has 2 sons, Matt Greer & Josh Greer both married. Matt works at Graphic Packaging in West Monroe, LA. Josh works as a Construction Manager in Dallas Tx.

In 2021, Dot and Carl proudly celebrated their 38th Anniversary.

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